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User Time Remarks Gamecenter


anytime when you see me editing the wiki I respect ships with good designs.(vip only) Tehlolguy
NickelSK7 SEA time usually between 10am-12pm Uses alot of tactics, not interested in firepower but interested in design/style

(VIP level) Must clarify what ship to fight and inform before battle.

Yamato287 Ready when you are ! I use my WPF or P.L.A.N. Ships , so get ready ! Warwolf★51
Ark Royal377 Weekends (British time!) enjoys fighting any type of ship. TheEpicTotoro
Terag66 3-9PM mid west time Doesnt uses tactics just goes head on Terag66
Sambobsung Pretty much all the time, although if you send me an invite that I was too late to get, I'll re invite and try again :p if not, chances are I'm on toucharcade, youtube or playing games :/ Well, if you face me, chances are I'll be using my TMALM Amrageddon. It depends though, since I may use a ship that is of equal level or close to the ship I'm challenging. Sambobsung
Babyfacelaue not that much, I only like randomn battles and spend most of my time just building I will use my aircraft carrier, or my frigate armed with 46 cm guns babyfacelaue
reekdavill whenever i'm near unlocked fast wifi i will use any ship i see fit(lvl4-6) reekdavill
AEGIS-Operation 2452 Not much, I just tend to go on random battles Just randomly battle with my ships (lvl VIP or lower) to have fun and look at different designs Baron522
NormalAxis Weekends or when im editing the wiki. I will use either my battleship or aircraft carrier xNormalaxisx
USS_Destroyer Not much, but on weekends. I am interested in firepower and designs.


PolarWolf32 Weekdays 7-10pm Central US. Weekends almost any time. VIP only and Shin Wei Chou's hack used atm (maybe not after the update). Love good hard fights and am usually prepared to give one.

Crispy Dovahpiig

USS Navy 1   12pm-10pm Central US I like to battle any thing you can through at me. aerodude 21
rcXlz anytime I am interested in the speed of every ships rcxlyz
PhantomXT Ace Mx 3:00pm-10:00pm Central US Time I mostly like to see different desings and tactics you'll see me around with my Mx-Extinctor or Mx-Polaris. chicharoc
Awsomecaptain MilleniumGold
Markoolio From friday 9:00pm - 9:00pm sunday Philippine Standard Time (Juan Time) I would like to test my scale models. Would like a ram-dreadnought joust, if wanted Jeff-phil
CobraStrike 3:00pm-8:00pm Central US Time I don't cheat or hack, so I've played this game all normal. However, I have built a giant tether-like ship which seems so far indestructible. You can build it too, but I would release any blueprints :P This level 1 ship can survive against any VIP ship.
RighteousMikey 2:45pm to 11:00pm south west time USA I Have an arsenal of ships from subs to hydrofoils and hovercraft to catamarans. My tactics with my experiments may be crazy and impractical but they still work. DNV7
DocWeldin Anytime you see me editing my fleet page, or in the afternoon any USA timezone I am a non-paying non-hacking or cheating person. I usually attack straight on, occasionally spinning around if I'm using the Dictator Dr Welding
Wil098 Anytime exept 8h30-12h30 and 2-4h p, east time I didn't hack, i didn't pay. I Love to attack straight on but if the ennemie is strong im going to use strategie. I will gladly accept any challenge against my now level 6 battleship Saint-Esprit MRF Counter Amiral Wil098
Lagoe Whenever I'm awake (in Australia) Any sort of battling is fine by me as long as there's no super excessively hacked ships. I do not hack and thus only have a single, but completely perfected, super-barge capable of ravaging VIP and all the types of ships in it. I'm also available for fights regarding the sexiest replicas and realistic vessels. Fight me only if you dare... mwahahaha... ha... ha... yep... Lagoe 20
THEONLYBUILDER Im only available Somtimes cuz due to classes I don't use hacks and glitches, so if u do want to battle me pls be fair. (I can battle any level from 1 to VIP aslong as there not using hacked ships:p) COD NOOBTUBED
Pepsivstim 4:00pm-6:00pm US I use the USS States after Chin Wei Choiu's design. It has NO rare metal weapons. It is level six. bigblast15


any time mainly one weekends or when you see me on the wiki I use a lot of tactics and enjoying seeing other people's designs  Keidran_warrior
Brand1tran I can play most of the day I make fast ships. Then I put some guns on. B.N.T.1
Jaxdog On a lot, just send a request. I like to experiment with all kinds of unusual designs and also enjoy seeing other people's z_DrUmS_z
Admiral Phoenix Just send friend request and/or challenge No VIP or super warships and no hack because I don't hack myself. Admiral Phoenix
Carto654 Anytime after 2PM Eastern Standard Time until 9PM; to duel with me a lot more, just send a friend request My ships may seem hacked, but they're not. I just play Battleship Craft for VERY long periods of time. I like to battle all kinds of ships cause I can defeat them pretty easily. I'll be using my IJN Super Yamato mostly, if not I'm using the IJN Akagi. SSgt.MacTavish
#jon.57# Whenever I want to. No hacks at all! Everything i own is legit. Id love to do an airbattle against carriers and see designs.
  1. jon.57#
Garuda sensei at almost anytime during the summertime, from September to June, 6 P.M.-9 P.M. Weekends 10 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. I do not have any hacks either and all of my ships and their weaponry are all achieved normally. I will use my carrier more likely than not. garuda sensei
Shinato73 Eastern Standard Time between 9:00 AM-3:00 PM Weekdays. I don't hack and love studying other people's ships. Hybrids are my speciality. (Shinato means Shinano + Yamato) xuanlow
Gqh007 Pretty much anytime from evening till midnight in the USA (if your lucky of course)

Hack and Glitch free. THAT MEANS YOU TOO.

Innovative designs(some of my ships).


HMCSRagequit anytime during the day at north american eastern standard time anything but its also fun to battle destroyers canukl3head
AdmiralJoshNinja Alot of random times I'll fight anyone, please no crazy hacks.  Dark Ninja...
DevinIV1 Random times Signiture ship: Name is currently Pending, but Currently it is the "IKN (Currently thinking of Name)" me3

(with asterisks before and after)

shan5481 I'm not really sure but usually Fridays/Saturdays from 4:00-6:00 PM and 5:00-7:00 PM Central Time. I've never hacked or bought anything. I learn by looking at others ships. Speed, firepower, armor, design, weaponry, reality, and playing/building tactics. These seem to be my main interest. My main and only ship is getting upgraded. It is Level 5 and with its speed it can ram and also take quite a beating. Watch your back when you fight it - the U.S.S. Deathmatch! Shan5481

junkyardbiker                Random times                 I use a Hansa mod and will battle                     junkyardbiker

                                                                       anything against anything. I also enjoy racing.  

I will also lend tips and tricks.                                     pikapika55: TIME:any time on weekends,4:00-7:00 on week nights. game center: Doreneob

TheCloverLord Around 7-9 pm AEST I can, and will, use Hansa on open level khzl8a4yls9pv