Tired of waiting for so long to get someone with Hansa MOD to battle you? Not anymore! On this page, just start chatting and include the following:

Can anyone battle me?

Ask people if the want to battle and set up a time with time zone included.

What map should we do?

Agree on a map to battle in such as Islands, Sunny Sea, Evening Sea, Morning Sea, Night Sea, Random Islands, or Foggy Sea.

What mode should we use?

Use Ad Hoc if you know the person is in the area. If you don't know or more than one person wants to participate, use GameCenter and agree on a mode such as Same Level, Open Level, or 2 on 2.

Get Ready!

now, for the part you've been waiting for - the battle! Just remember captain, you must always try your best. Aim for the big damage-dealing guns and exposed engines. Full Speed Ahead!