The Bismarck was a Bismarck-class battleship that served in the Kriegsmarine. It is currently purchasable in the shop for 250,000 resources.



Bismark at full speed

The German Battleship Bismarck was launched in Feburary 13, 1939. Initially it's specifications were distorted in order give the appearance that it complied with the Treaty of Versailles and the subsequent Washington Naval Treaty. Following the start of World War II, Bismarck, accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, were sent into the North Atlantic to disrupt allied shipping. But they were engaged by the Royal Navy flagship, the battle cruiser HMS Hood. The twenty year old Hood had no chance against the modern battleship, only three of its 1500 man crew survived. Bismarck was ordered to return to German held waters, fearfull of more British ships. After a few days, the Royal Navy caught up to Bismarck. The British ships, including HMS King George V and Rodney (sister ship to the Nelson), dealt heavy damage to Bismarck before her crew scuttled what was left.

In Game


The stats of Bismark

In game, the Bismark couldn't be more different from its real life counterpart. Available for purchase at 250,000 resources, it is undoubtedly the weakest medium size ship available. It is armed with four 40cm double guns six twenty cm guns and eight 15cm guns. It's armor mostly consists of 600mm lightweight. However, there is no armor below the water line, and the super structure is made entirely of bridge and hull pieces. One of the only upsides is the 4 40cm guns. A single large boiler provides the power for it to reach its top speed, 30 knots. Although very slow, the spee can be increased.

Other Versions

It is more effective in terms of cost-benefit to build a more powerful Bismarck than to buy it. It is possible to design one with much more detail, armor, armament, and speed.

Many players in comments have showcased their own renditions, giving a window into options one might have for custom builds.