Catamarans are ships that have two hulls. Though they can be employed on any ship class, they are most often employed on small, fast boats where the stability and speed is more important than survivability.

MAS Sentinel

MAS Sentinel torpedo boat.


Catamarans are typically faster, more maneuverable but more vulnerable than mono-hull designs. If the opponent decides to target a single hull, then the vessel will capsize due to a greater discrepancy of flotation. However, it can actually be more powerful if they do not exploit this weakness, which is usually not the case given combat dynamics.


They are employed on every surface ship class built. However, they are often found on fast boats, frigates and even destroyers due to their lighter weight, greater maneuverability and faster speeds. Its fragility to damage is already inherit within the class, and the increase in such will not be noticeable in already fragile classes.


These hulls are fast but fragile, made more evident with it's extensive use on fragile warships. Overall, they sacrifice strength for stability and mobility- a worthwhile trade for vessels who rely on them extensively.
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The catamaran is even longer and has more weapons, but it is 32 knots faster.

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On these pictures you can see tha a Catamaran is faster than a single hull ship.