Welcome to the challenges page, here we can post challenges for each other.

NOTE: All records are to the best of our knowledge, if you beat the record, feel free to update this page.

1.Health after defeating aircraft carrier lvl 2 


Razor's Edge II Heath Bar

URCS Razor's Edge II, no idea how it managed this.

1. Pictures must be shown

2. no hacked weaponry allowed

3. lvl must be original (cannot edit lvl)

Record holder: Owlfeathers0117 (twice with two different ships) and Wywyrm 1 (tied for the record as both completed it without taking damage)


Leviathan surviving Aircraft Carrier Lv 2 without so much as a scratch on her.

URSW Praenuntia Umbras Health Bar

No damage here either.

2. Max no. of torpedos endured in duel lvl 9


1.You may steer and control your ship

2.Damage caused by other weaponry will not be taken into account.

3. Score is determined by total number of torpedos hitting any part of your ship in duel lvl 9 before your ship fall below the waterline.

Record holder: Carto654

Record: 67

3. Naval Battle Lv4 Timed Endurance


1. Do not move or fire as soon as the battle starts.

2. Wait for your ship to sink then take a screenshot of the game time when it sunk to be sure of your time.

3. No hacked armor allowed.

-this challenge is to determine the "actual" toughness of your ship, or your ships ability to survive-

Record holder:Tiroler Bracke 200.17 still living but got tiered. Sank them all directly after the screenshot. Who wastes his time like that but me?
IMG 0024

442 Turret-pyramid with 800m baseline, 18 46cms, 10 left at 160:00 when I still could see them.

4. ship with the most toughness


1. No hacked weaponry

2. Take a Screenshot of it

3. No hacked armor

5. Fastest time in defeating Aircraft Carrier Lv2


1. Can take hits


1:45. 4 seconds faster than previous

2. Must take screenshot of time

3. No hacked armor / weapons / range

4. No less than 1 (one) minute

Record: 1:45

Record Holder: Sinister Intentions

6. High Speed with Small Power



1. Only 1 block of Heavy Ballast can be used

2. Use only parts that have no horse power in them (that means only lightweight armour)

3. No Glitches No Hacks No bugs No unreal things No funny bussiness Go straight

4. Try run and take a screen shot.

Record: 194.4

Record Holder:    Sinister Intentions  

7. Sub-O-Ram

What to do:

1. Go to duel lvl 1

2. Dive under that ship

3. Resurface to hit        

4. No use of weapons

5. Take a screen shot of the time, remaining health and winning.

Record(your screen shot here):

Record Holder: