This Page focuses on the Coastal battleship a type of Coastal defence ship, look at littoral combat ships if you are searching for fast coastal patrol boats.

Coastal defense ships (CDS) are heavily armored , slow and compact ships. They were used by some navies who could not afford a full fledged battleship. They are somewhat similar to monitors but they have better blue water ability. Coastal defense ships resemble Pre Dreadnought battleships, just in a smaller scale.



Coastal defense ships were used by some Scandinavian countries during the 1910s until WW2. These ships were armed like battleships but were smaller so these ships were cheaper.These ships were also well armored for their size. Smaller navies used this type of ship due to it being more affordable than full size battleships.



Pre-Dreadnoughts make effective CDS's, a German Wittelsbach class is shown here.

Coastal defence ships would be armed with battleship like armament but fewer.Coastal Defence ships are compact and are most of the time the size of a light cruiser. CDS have heavy armor, compared to similarly sized ships.Due to the heavy weapons and armor, CDS are generally slow.In game these ships would be armed with 4x5/4x6 guns as primary weapons, and smaller guns as secondaries, but if you have the space 46 cm could also be added.

Coastal Defense Ships differ from monitors due to the following characteristics. In general, Monitors have lower free-boards compared to Coastal Defense ships. Also, usually they have higher speeds compared to monitors, and unlike monitors, CDS have various secondary armaments. These ships sacrificed speed for armour and armament.

Effectiveness and Ship Comparison.

CDS's would be successful against Destroyers and other fast boats.A destroyer would have a hard time destroying a CDS due to its heavy armor.But due to a destroyers fast speed it will be hard to intercept.

Against cruisers , a CDS will be able to shrug of more hits compared to a cruiser. Both ships would have similar armament but some CDS have battleship like armament. If you are using a cruiser, be cautious of the CDS heavy armament and armour. When facing them, use superior speed to try and out manoeuvre them.

CDSs are roughly the size and strength of heavy cruisers, but are armed with heavy armor which gives an edge to heavy cruisers as well as it being able to travel through shallow water, however most CDS(in real life) have limited blue water capabilities. Again, utilise speed and agility to out flank a CDS.

Against battleships , the CDS would have similar but fewer armament and less armor(but still moderately strong). The CDS would probably lose because of those weaknesses but in the end , be cautious because CDS can inflict heavy damage. Because of their lower armour and firepower, you can draw them out into a gun on gun duel, since they are slower and are inferior gun wise to battleships.

Henry IV v1

The Henry IV is a French coast defense battleship (here in an up-gunned and speed tweaked "concept"). The gray part is the monitor-like hull, and the superstructure (dark and light areas) contains the engines, guns, ammunition, crew quarters, etc.). She also featured the first super-firing gun arrangement, although it didn't work that time.