A contract-built ship, the MCS Liberator.

This page is for contracts. These are where custom ships are built for a user in exchange for any defined payment to the one who builds the ship. Please post in the following format:

Example's Contracts

[ship name] (type of ship)

Armement: xxx

Measurements: xxx,xxx,xxx

Speed: xxx

Toughness: xxx

Armor: xxx


Stability, would you tolerate a few degrees one way or another?

Battle Test: What counts as a successful design?

Sight: Is that important?

RighteousMikey's Contracts

Dreadnought Contract My flagship the MES Valkyrie needs an upgrade to be ready for the update. Reward: the designs to the MES Mirage a sub that goes at 40 knots

No rare metal weapons Minimum armament:

1 depth charge 3 46 cm guns

10 AA guns 2 Mk 45 5 inch guns the guns below can be traded in for better versions if possible 3 30.5 cm guns 3 38 cm guns 1 36 cm quadruple gun Optional: Torpedo tube B or triple torpedo tube


120 knots 250 to 500 long 60 to 80 width 30 height 2500 toughness 850 armor 100 stability 0 angle


All guns facing forward except for the 30.5 cm plus guns, which have to be pointed sideways. Allows reconnaissance plane and rangefinder/radar. Protected or enbanked gas turbine engines. Depth Charge to be on bow to allow submarine hunting at higher speeds

Battle test: 3 stars on duel level 8-10 and 2stars on aircraft carrier level 2.

MrAnzac's Contract

Escort Carrier contract I need a escort carrier for my fleet with up to 14 planes and it needs to be designed for attacking.Reward:Hobart class sub design


No rare metal weapons Minimum armament:

4x20cm guns 10xAA guns 2xMK45 DPs 2x30.5cm (old) 2xTorpedo Tube B 14xPlanes

Stats 120-300m long 4-8 wide 30high 100armor 200 toughness 50+stability 0 angle 80 knots

Battle Test 2-3 medals on naval battles1-3 3 medals on duel 8-10

Sambo's Contract

Contract completed. Do not fret though, a future contract may be held for the same plans :)

Contract completer: Ryanguy28

Many thanks for the plans.

Doc's Contracts

Dictator Contract

Recently, my prized battleship Dictator has been falling to pieces, and being beaten severely. This is mainly due to planes, and stability. Your job is to take a flatship, and make it have more stability, and plane carrying, than Dictator, while having 16 46cm guns. The rewards are plans, and full stats of Dictator V.1, as I will use the ship as reference material for Dictator III, as I made Dictator II and it sucks too. Note that the Dictator you give me will probably have less armor than the original Dictator, so you get a tank from giving a attacker.


Stability: 1000+ Planes: 100 or more Length: 365 to 400 Beam: 180 to 200 Toughness: 100. These are just reference pictures! Armor: 100. These are just reference pictures! Angle: 0

Nick's Contract

Escort carrier Contract

I need a good carrier. A completely stable one (I suck at building carriers) Make sure it can hold at least 20 planes as I will classify it as an escort carrier. You can make it WWII or Modern-themed like the Wasp. I need it aestheticised, so I can build a realistic flotilla/squadron/fleet. Please hand it over with no weapons and you can use any construction block, preferably hull so the blueprints can be free. A minimum stability must be 70+, a speed of at least 40 knots, an angle of zero degrees, at least two runways, and not in excess of 300 meters long. I will not include other specific features such as armor and toughness so I can modify the carrier with my free will.


Armament: none (so it can be modified) If adding specific weapons please mark them and their weapon spaces with orange octahedrons (I forgot, but it's just like that diamond thing)

Stability: At least 70

Speed: At least 40kn

Angle: 0 degrees

Length: At maximum 300 meters long

Planes: 20-50

Toughness: -any, but when added 400mm-600mm must be atleast 700-

Armor: -refer above (disregard 700)-

Specific Requirements

Carrier will not tip over, or bob left and right, must cruise straight like a normal ship

At least 2 runways, 4 max

Must have space for 4 Harpoon Missiles, 2 Phalanx CIWS, and a small armament of weapons whose calibre is not larger than 76mm

Torpedos can be added, although it is unnecessary.


The contract will be rather easy, so don't expect a really huge prize consisting of super warships and all that.

A website consisting of detailed drawings and their information of WW2 ships coming from important navies and;

Plans for 1 modern day destroyer, if the carrier is good and followed the aesthetics with complete stats, I will give another plan.

If you are dissatisfied with the offer or wish to consult me about the contract, my wikia username is NickelSK7 and feel free to contact me and I will do my best to satisfy you to your needs.

Lionheart2001's Contract

NOTE: This member has been flagged to be untrustworthy

Submarine Contract

Nevermind, I changed the Soryu to have a crusing speed of 65 knots.

Aegis Destroyer Contract

Prize: Soryu mentioned above

Gqh007's Contract


UnderCut a good Trimaran that carries 20 Aircraft, 16Torpedo Tubes, 8 Mk 45s and Two 38 Quad Turrets. Completed with full armour and 120+ knots. NO HACKS OR GLITCHES, and make it realistic(no guns shall shoot through each other real)

Additional Notes

Must Be:


Black and Green paintjob(easy on the green)

Turns well

minima heeling(leaning backwards) 

No rare metals


FreeFlow v1.9 Stylish Stealth Frigate

Message Me!

PilotMario's Contracts

Welcome to the Pilotmario Contract Contest. This will go on as long as there are new contracts. Here is where shipbuilders will be provided 

MAS Awesome (BB-1)

The warship given to winner.

a series of specifications to construct warships. They will be tested to see which one is indeed better. Winners will receive emailed plans for the MAS Awesome  or the MAS Ultimate. Post entries into the comments section. Post your ship design picture so that it could be easily copied, your contract and a few words.
MAS Ultimate (BB-2)

MAS Ultimate. The other prize ship.


  1. One ship entry per user per contract. 
  2. Entries by users named "Wikia Contributor" will not be accepted under any circumstance. These designs may be copied by others. 
  3. Once three acceptable entries have been given to the contract, no more entries will be accepted as competitors.
  4. Existing ships built before the contract offer and matches the specifications are allowed. This includes ships built for previous contracts. 
  5. Do not copy other ships. Ship designs that look too similar to an accepted entry will be disregarded.
  6. A ship is accepted when I (Pilotmario) replies "Accepted".
  7. No hacked weapons unless specified in the contract.
  8. Design blueprints consist of a top, bottom, port(left), starboard(right), bow(front) and stern(back) images including internal images if any as well as details for placement of 1x1x1 armor blocks, if any.
  9. Conventional-appearing warships will have the favors compared to non-convention designs unless specified otherwise.

Testing Each contestant will challenge the warships only once. The end result for all testing is the enemy is sunk.  All ships will challenge the Battleship Cancer (Duel Lv. 4)

Battleships will then challenge the Yamato (Duel Lv. 10)

Carriers will then challenge the Yamato (Duel Lv. 10)

Destroyers and smaller ships will then challenge the Battleship Scorpius II (Duel Lv. 8)

Submarines will then challenge the Yamato (Duel Lv. 10)

Contracts USS Iowa Contract I have extensive knowledge on battleships and know that several battleship models are oversized and unrealistically large, such as the USS Iowa. Thus this contract is to make a scale model of the USS Iowa in her current configuration as she sits in Los Angeles. 


Length: 270.0 m

Beam: 35.0m

Toughness: Unspecified

Speed: 33 knots

Stability: 100.0+

Hulls: 1

Armament: 3x 40cm Triple Gun, 6x 12.7cm Gun, 16x Missile, 4x Phalanx CIWS

New Destroyer Contract The MAS Bainbridge and her derivatives are by all means good ships, but lack in stability and speed. A new design is needed. And you can design it. The vessel is projected to fulfill antisubmarine and anti-frigate roles. 


Length: 170.0 m to 190.0 m

Width: 40.0m to 60.0m

Toughness: 700.0+ MJ

Speed: 100.0+ knots

Stability: 70.0+

Hulls: 1

Minimum Armament: 2x Mk 45 5 inch Gun, 2x Depth Charges, 1x 30.5cm+ Gun

Notes: Mk 45 5 inch must cover both bow and stern. 

Super Frigate Contract Warships such as the real-life USS Constitution were built as such: able to bring down any other frigate and yet evade heavier ships. It should be able to deal with heavy battleships and small boats equally well. 


Length: 110.0 m to 130.0m

Width: 30.0 m to 40.0 m

Toughness: 500.0+ MJ

Speed: 125.0+ knots

Stability: 70.0+

Hulls: 1-3

Minumum Armament: 1x Mk 45 5 inch Gun, 1x 30.5cm+ Gun, 1x Depth Charge

Notes: Mk 45 5 inch is mounted on bow, other gun mounted on stern. 

Fast Submarine Contract Submarines in my fleet are lethal but too slow to pursue enemy vessels. Thus necessitates this contract. The submarine must rise at 0-25% power, go neutral at 50%, sink at 75% power but rise at 100% power. 


Length: Unspecified

Width: Unspecified

Toughness: Unspecified

Speed: 80.0+ knots

Stability: Unspecified

Hulls: Unspecified

Minimum Armament: 8x Underwater Torpedo Tubes

Awardees New Destroyer Contract: Unclaimed

Super Frigate Contract: Unclaimed

Fast Submarine Contract: Unclaimed

Emergency Gunboat Contract: Unclaimed

Emergency Gunboat Contract (Cancelled) This is necessitated by the fact I had to redownload the game, making this contract vital for the completion of others. It involves the creation of a frigate to farm currency. Special circumstances dictate unique specifications compared to future contracts. Retain existing ships once there is enough monies to build them. This will be an official contract. This is indeed an unusual contract in that it is first-come first-serve. That is, the first person to stick up an acceptable design wins. Awards will come later for this contract. 

Length: Unspecified

Beam: Unspecified

Toughness: Unspecified, must use 11 400mm Lightweight 3x2x1, and up to 117 200mm Lightweight Armor. 

Speed: Unspecified

Stability: 60.0+

Hulls: 1

Minimum Armament: 2x 30.5cm Gun+, 2x 30.5cm Gun


Boilers: 4x Medium Boilers

Decorations: None

TheBSCKing's Contracts


Horse Power: Unspecified

Speed: At least 120 Knots

Shooting Range: Unspecified

Strength: Unspecified, however, it would be nice to be able to beat Duel Level 10 with 3 stars relatively easily.

Toughness: At the very least 3000

Armour: Unspecified, however, it should be relatively high (maybe upper 800's)

Stability: No specific number but it should remain relatively level during a full turn. It doesn't have to sink straight down or anything.

Angle: 0

Armment: Nothing specific. A few 48 cm, a few 38 quads, maybe ten or so mark 45's. It's really not that important as long as it can deal out descent punishment

Nothing else is too important. Sight doesn't have to be insane. Length isn't too important. It would be nice if it was 3000-400. 

Key Features: MUST BE ASTHETICALLY PLEASING. Also, I have the 9-8-13 version of shin wei's hack, so no hansa weapons please. Boilers must be protected.

Testing: Must be able to beat airbase 2 with at least 2 stars.

Reward: I will give detailed plans for my equinox class ships. These are a group of four ships that use the same basic design but are all different types of ships; hybrid (battleship/carrier), VLS Cruiser, Missile Cruiser (with normal missiles), and battleship. they are very good looking and can all demolish shin wei's modern carrier battle group in a few miniutes with virtually no damage.

You can contact me on my wall or in the comments bellow.

Thank You,


Admiral Phoenix's Contracts!

Hey, guys! The Admiral is back! And the first thing I want to do is start a contest. So, the Royal Phoenix Fleet has a cruiser, a destroyer, a sub, a carrier, and a storage ship. Now, what I need is a battleship! Anything from 38cm main guns up is fine! Stick with the AA guns, though. Mk. 45 5inchers are strictly forbidden for this contest! It MUST be able to pass Duel Lvl.10 and both Maritime Fortresses. Anyone who wins this gets a prize, and it's one heck of a prize! The blueprints for the RPF Typhon-II Class Cruiser herself! Good Luck!- Admiral P

Armaments- At least four main guns, either on the bow or stern. AA guns should be concentrated along the sides. 38cm and up is a must.

Speed- Preferably 90+ knots, although I will settle for 85.

Everythingelse is left to your imagination!

Sowhat215's Contract

Horse power: unspecified

Speed: 80 knots

Shooting range: unspecified

Strength:Its a cargo ship

Stability: just make it not sink when turning

Angle: 0

Armament: Nothing

Must Look asthetically pleasing

we can neogotaite the reward!