The corvette is a small, maneuverable vessel smaller than frigates but bigger than fast boats. These are typically employed on escort duties against submarines.

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Corvettes are typically lightly-armed, and often this applies to the armament. They usually may have 30.5cm Guns but often will have smaller weapons. They may also have the Mk 45 5 inch Gun as the main gun due to the small size. ASW weapons are a must, since their maneuverability enables it to be an excellent sub-killer. The small size makes it a small torpedo target, and larger destroyers, another ideal warship, are still capable of being destroyed by a single torpedo like a corvette. Limited AAA will be carried, and thus do not pose a great threat against aircraft.

Roles and Usage

These are premier ASW warships, since their small size and large ASW complement is powerful against submarines. They can be seen as a mini-frigate, since their firepower will be similar, though a corvette's maneuverability is superior. However, a frigate's speed is oftentimes better.


See Battle Tactics

Corvettes may not be very fast, but they are certainly small and maneuverable. This makes it a very hard target, and thus is its greatest asset. Since every ship it faces either is faster or more heavily armored yet with heavier firepower, long-term harassment should be attempted when in a frigate. Against heavily armored but slow ships, chip away at their health and dodge their shots. It should be noted that corvettes are not fast compared to fast boats.

Fighting submarines is straightforward. Utilize standard ASW tactics and never cross in front of a submarine. Never make passes from bow-stern or stern-bow, since it would be very easy for a competent submariner to lead in a target coming to or away from them in a straight line. Always make depth charge passes from the sides. Keep a sharp eye to whether they are laying mines. If they are, force them to the open ocean, where the greater space makes mines much less effective.

The Future

The future for this ship is unknown. Due to new weapon systems being implemented into the game the corvettes life could be over. But this ship still has some life left in it. For beginners this is a great multi-role vessel. Unfortunatly we do not know when we face submarines so it can also be a gamble, but its better safe than sorry.

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