Bsc 030

This is a ship extension pack to legit Battleship Craft.

Hey Everyone,

I am currently working on my own ship pack to legit Battleship Craft. (later on down the track a plan to make it a mod)

It is still in very early beta version (v.0.0.3 so its a mess). At the moment I'm building all the ships for the missions I plan on adding and to be bought from the dock. I've added approximately 30 ships (5 fortress,7 templates/skeletons,1 island, 2 targets, 1 container ship, 12 small to medium battleships, 2 catamarans to give you some ideas).


I am wondering if users would rather the missions complete or incomplete?

I also am wondering if users would rather ships to be cheap or more priced accordingly to stats.

SS Margret
SS Sarah

next update later in the year'"

SS Pavillion
Morton IS


  • at lest 12 more single player missions
  • 50 + new ships using the original blocks
  • new blocks (when I figure out how to)

Any suggestions and or help would be great. Please leave a comment or email me on

IMG 1605-1-

This is the link to download.

Bsc 002
Bsc 012!/?cid=f7f7031671210e6f

Just replace the .sqlite using funbox or i explore. Make sure you save your .sqlite first for safety.

Bsc 030
Bsc 028
Bsc 020