Image-Capricornus II

Battleship Capricornus II, A Lethal Opponent, Armed With 2x 46cm guns and 2x Oxygen Torpedo Tubes For Maximum Damage.

Duel 9 is an extremely useful mission for grinding money. It can be completed in as little as about one in game minute if done right. You win 3 stars and 3,000 resources from this battle.

What you will need

  • A ship with at least a 600 armor rating
  • At least one Mk. 45 gun
    Mk. 45

    Mk. 45 5 inch gun

  • A ship with good speed is recommended for quick mission completion
  • Additional weapons recommended, but not needed
  • Actually, you can do this with a base "Skelton" and a single MK45, however, this is not recommended

How to Win

First, you must go up to full throttle, as mentioned earlier will help you finish the duel faster. Aim your Marks where the picture shows. This should severely damage the enemy. Keep doing this, and you will succeed.

If using a "battleship killer" with more than 4 46cm 's with Rangefinder+Radar, the volley sometimes will instantly destroy the ship.
Aiming point on the Capricornus II

Where you should be hitting