Duel Lv 8 involves a single Scorpius II 15 km away. This ship has two Oxygen torpedo tubes that can cripple even the largest of ships. Speed and strategy is needed.


Toughness high enough to stand 38 cm cannons.    

High Speed (50+ knots at least)   

MK45's are a must. Have at least 2.  

It's possible to sink Scorpius II with purely the MK45's, but some other guns like 30.5 guns or a 4x5x2 guns will help.     


Aim at the boiler. That should slow down Scorpius II a bit. Next, aim for the slightly exposed side with the MK45's. The trick is to never aim directly at the part you are aiming at. Fire slightly above or to the side. Hopefully, the Scorpius II will capsize, and mission complete.

If Scorpius II gets within 10km or so, it will make a sharp turn, presenting an easy target as long as you can predict its movement.

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