Battleship 130

The seven engine types, with a 1x1 block for scale

The engine is the heart of the ship. With out it your ship will go nowhere fast, and becomes more of a sitting duck than a killing machine. Agility is key on the open ocean, and with out a good propulsion system, you're dead.

This page will discuss anything under the "Engines" tab

The Current Engines

This is a detailed list of all the current engines in Battleship Craft.

Small Boiler

This is the smallest engine. It is ideal for any small boat, as it doesn't take up too much space and is rather lightweight.

Name: Small Boiler

Weight: 50.0 t

Price: 300 C

HP: ~7100

Size: 1x1x3

Medium Boiler

This is a cheap but powerful engine, and again is good on most small and medium sized ships.

Name: Mid-sized Boiler

Weight: 200 t

Price: 700C

HP: ~22500

Size: 2x2x3

Large Boiler

This engines certainly packs a lot of power. It is for medium-large ships when the budget is tight or when you need an engine with plenty of power that isn't too heavy.

Name: Large Boiler

Weight: 600 t

Price: 2000 C

HP: ~48700

Size: 3x3x4

Angled Boiler

This boiler produces the most power of all the engines in the game. It can be used on medium and large ships, and if you get your hydrodynamics right, can achieve a maximum speed of 194.4 knots. Fact: This engine was used on many WWII Imperial Japanese Navy ships, such as the mighty IJN Musashi and IJN Yamato (which used to be the largest battleship in the world).

Name: Angled Boiler

Weight: 600 t

Price: 5000 C

HP: ~72700

Size: 4x4x4

Gas Turbine

This is the most expensive boiler of all, in spite of the fact that it produces exactly the same power as the Angled Boiler, but it is slightly smaller witch makes it easer to cover it with armor. Fact: This engine is used on today's AEGIS destroyers.

Name: Gas Turbine

Weight: 600 t

Price: 10000 C

HP: ~72700

Size: 3x3x4

Aircraft Carrier Boilers

These are designed when space is limited and needs to be positioned internally without occupying much space, such as in aircraft carriers and small submarines.

Aircraft Carrier Boiler

The standart one, equivalent to the Medium Boiler

Name: Aircraft Carrier Boiler

Weight: 200 t

Price: 5000 C

HP: ~22500

Size: 4x2x1

Large Aircraft Carrier Boiler

A larger, more powerful version of the above. Equivalent to a large boiler.

Name: Large Aircraft Carrier Boiler

Weight: 600 t

Price: 8000 C

HP: ~48700 Size: 6x2x1

Usually, a higher horsepower will give you a higher top speed. However, you can cut your hull and armour pieces to improve your ship's hydrodynamics.

Propellers and Rudders

The propellers use the power produced by the engines to drive your ship, while the rudders turn your vessel. As of this date there is only one type of propeller, and two rudders. The small rudder is good for a small ship, or even two side by side for a medium ship, but the large rudder is best on rather large vessels.

Propellers are most effective when they're placed in a streamlined protective shielding. This can be achieved by surrounding by a block on the top, side and front, leaving only the back and the bottom exposed. Rudders should be placed behind the propeller, in the same shielding to prevent damage as much as possible.