My TDS 'Archer' Squadron fleet ship

All the ships are identical

The floats need to be dark blue to blend in with the water


How the floats should be placed


All the ships are identical

51st Task Force Warwolf

My fleet ship. Can go 194.5 kn, is very tough and is Level 6.

A fleet ship is a vessel which holds multiple other ships (Ex. A aircraft carrier guarded by 3 gunships without using hacks).They could sometimes be a deadly combination, but they are mostly for visual purposes.

They usually have floats/light 200m armor underwater to hook up ships. If one ship takes too much damage,then the rest of the ships can sink which is a critical disadvantage to the fleet ship.

Building and Mastering Fleet Ships

Do not be decieved by looks. Fleet ships can take a long time to perfect. You have to pay attention to the most subtle of stats like balance, stability and most importantly, the steering. Steering is usually very hard to get right as occasionally it can only steer one way or will turn very slowly, making the ship more vulnerable to cannon fire as manuverability is a big factor in avoiding shells over armour alone.

Notable Qualities of Fleet Ships

Fleet ships are most successful when the first ship design is duplicated in different positions. If you are more patient and choose aesthetics over anything else, you can try making different shaped ships. Bear n mind that the ships will have to be in some sort of order of symmetry so they do not lean or sink to one side.

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of space
  • Looks amazing
  • Slightly harder to hit because of the spaces between the ships
  • Simple design


  • Hard to perfect
  • Very unstable
  • Sunk fairly easily
  • Size of each ship limited because of size 1000 block size cap