Battleship Craft Anatomy of Flying Ships

Battleship Craft Anatomy of Flying Ships

There are many ships a player can make in Battleship Craft, but one of the rarest kinds, if not the most, are flying ships. Known to annoy players that cannot hit them, once you know how to deal with them, they are not as annoying.

Due to Phyzios's continual patching of glitches, it becomes more and more difficult to make a flying ship. As such, flying ships are usually very hard to find, as only a few people have them.

Traits of a Flying Ship

  • They fly above the water
  • Usually go 10-90 knts, sometimes more than that if the builder is skilled
  • Are very hard to hit
  • Can be brought down by ASW
  • Usually have wings of some sort
  • Must land after sustained damage
  • Usually composed of an underwater "base" and a "ship" high above


Flying ships are usually found with torpedos. They also have several Mk45 guns, AA guns, and rocket launchers. They also usually carry some big guns, such as the 46cm gun, the 40cm Triple Gun, and the 38cm Quadruple gun. Sometimes, they are found with planes. Flying ships might have mines, in a attempt to bomb an opponent with them. They can have many guns, but usually less than super-warships. Some of the guns on flying warships may be rotated along the Z-axis, thus giving it the ability to fire upon opposing ships that are directly below.

Role and Usage

Flying ships are very tough enemies, as their flight capabilities make them hard to hit. They can even go toe to toe with Super-warships. It is impossible to estimate how big flying ships are, as they can range from small and cute, to giant and menacing. Their role is to fire their weapons at the enemy, while avoiding attacks with their flight capabilities. Their aircraft are used for normal aircraft duties. However, if damage is sustained, the flying ship will descend and land on the water.


When you have a flying ship, there is nothing to fear, except Anti-Submarine Weapons, and Underwater Torpedos. Charge forward to your enemy, but be careful, as a fast enemy could possibly go behind you, and unless you have guns facing back, you won't be able to hit them.

When fighting Flying Ships, never aim for the ship itself. Always aim for the area under the ship. If you have high arching guns, since flying ships are usually about 500-1000m high (with the 2000+m high ones being SUPER RARE), you should be able to hit them and force the ship to land, where you can then pound them with guns. You can also use underwater torpedos to hit the area under them, as well as ASW, and bring them down the same way.

Note: Some flying ships are unable to turn, making them easier to hit.
Battleship Craft anti submarine aircraft-0

Battleship Craft anti submarine aircraft-0

An Anti-Submarine Aircraft


As Phyzios continues to fix glitches, flying ships become harder and harder to create. There is only one known way to make them without mods. It is costly, and the flying ship has a height limit of about 300m, but it is the only way. You have to buy one of the store subs (Soryu or U-Boat) and use it's depth guages for they are not regular depth guages. For the most part they behave like floats, and can be built on, but they cannot be seen or hit by the enemy (though you can see them). The height limit unfortunately means you can still be reached by enemy aircraft. So for now, they will stay, as an annoyance, and a wonder, to the community. Their ability to go toe to toe with the strongest ships without need of much weapons is a very great ability, and as long as their glitches aren't patched, these ships will be known as very strong, very hard to hit ships for a long time to come.