HMS Nelson at full speed

The HMS Nelson is a purchasable ship in Battleship Craft It was a real Royal Navy ship and the lead ship of a class of two warships.

In Real life

The Nelson class battleships were designed in response to the Battle of Jutland, however, they were limited by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922. The limitations impose by the treaty lead to sacrifices in the design. The designers decided to sacrifice speed in favor of armor and weapons. Due to not being able to reach its full potential due to the treaty, it was referred to as the "Cherry Tree class" (because it was cut down by Washington). Nonetheless, HMS Nelson and her sister ship, HMS Rodney, served extensively in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Indian Ocean. HMS Rodney gained fame for being a key part of the hunt and destruction of the German Battleship Bismark. Both survived the war and were sold for scrap with the rest of the Royal Navy battleships, with the exception of HMS Vanguard, in 1946.

In Game


HMS Nelson stats.

The HMS Nelson is available for purchase in the ship store for 420,000 resource. Its main armament consists of three forward facing 46cm guns, this would also classify the Nelson as a Battleship Killer. Its secondary armament boasts ten 30.5cm gun+ and nine 20cm guns. The Nelson's armor is mostly 400mm lightweight armor. It should be noted that the sides of the Nelson's hull above the water line consist of deck pieces as opposed to armor. Should one want to replace them with armor, 400mm lightweight 3x2x1 armor will be needed as, upon purchase, the Nelson uses 98% of the maximum number of pieces allowed. It has a single large boiler, giving it a respectable max speed of 73.2 knots. A gas turbine would be useful to achieve a higher speed as it takes up the same floor space.


If you decide to use the HMS Nelson there are a few things to remember. Since all the main armament is concentrated forward, attacks from your stern will prove deadly. If your opponent starts to sail past you, you should use varying combinations of the wheel and throttle to keep at least your broadside against the enemy. However, with this ship, it is best used in head-on attacks as it shows the smallest profile while bringing all its main guns to bear.