Good day everyone who cares about Battleship Craft.

I am Raymo, and like most people here, I have waited for a long time for Hansa to finish the IOS and Android versions of the game, but I have taken the liberty of emailing Hansa about the mod's progress. As you may know, Hansa's English is sub-par, and most of us don't really speak chinese. I have translated most of our emails into english, and with Hansa's permission, posted it here. Enjoy!

Email 1 - initial contact:

English version:

Hi Hansa,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions to the battleshipcraft game. I recently lost my IOS device, and I now have an android device, so I tried to install the windows version of BSC Hansa mod, and also the .apk file for android, but it said I needed a password. I can be quite useful as a translator, as proven by this email, because I live in Canada, and I am fluent in both English and Mandarin. I would like to make a contribution to your game by translating a version to English so that the whole world can enjoy it. 

Please allow me to help.

All the best,



Mandarin Chinese version:







Email 2 - Hansa's Greeting:

---------I'm sorry, my English is not good, the below text comes from translation software----------

English version:

Hi Raymo

I'm glad to hear from you and thank you for your support of the ProcessTheBattleshipCraft(工艺战舰). BattleshipCraft-HansaMOD has been on 2014 to stop the development, 

you may be using our  new game-ProcessTheBattleShip:Reunion which we develop from 2017, which is an Chinese mainland network game.  according to the China relevant laws, in all online games, China needs to run the real name system certification, so we are very sorry to you game and game account registration. We will apologize once again after the stability of our country, and proceed with the work of serving overseas.

If you have Chinese mainland resident identity card or have other ways to obtain real name authentication of Chinese mainland resident ID card. You can go to to register the game's account and download the game in Similarly, you can also guide your friends to download the game.

Sorry, we don't have a text access interface yet, as you mentioned about the localization craft battleship ProcessTheBattleShip:Reunion. We will also join the text interface as soon as possible, and will contact you again for translation work.

Greetings to you



Mandarin Chinese version:

Hi Raymo


如果您有中国大陆居民身份证或者有有其他办法取得可以用于实名认证的中国大陆居民身份证。您可以前往 注册游戏的账号,并在 下载游戏。同样您也可以指导您身边的朋友下载游戏。




Email 3 - My questions:

English version:

Hi Hansa,

Thanks for your reply. It’s ok, I have a good understanding of Chinese. I translate my own emails for maximum accuracy. A couple questions:

1. For what purpose do you keep the ID card information?

2. Do you securely store the ID card information?

3. Does the 2014 game still work? If so, what is the password to login to the game?

4. Do I have to buy the game?

5. Do I have permission to post our emails on the Battleship Craft wiki? People there are frustrated because they see you have stopped developing the 2014 version and they don’t speak mandarin as well as I do.

6. Is hansa@qionghaigame your new email address?

7. Are you going to release an English version of the new 2017 game for international use? Are you even allowed to?

8. How old are you and what is your gender? There is a big debate about this on the aforementioned wiki.

9. What city are you from? (Just to get to know you better)

May everything go smoothly for you,


PS: Please answer the first 7 questions. You don’t have to answer the last 2 if you don’t want to.


Mandarin Chinese Version:

你好 Hansa,

谢谢你的回复。 没关系,我对中文有个好的把握, 你不需要担心。 我可以用最高的准确力来翻译我的邮件。 但我有一些问题:

1. 收取身份证信息用于什么?

2. 你们会安全守存身份证信息吗?

3. 2014 年的工艺战舰还可使用吗? 如果可事, 登录游戏的密码是什么?

4. 我需要购买这个游戏吗?

5. 我有权利来把我们的邮件放到 Battleship Craft wiki 上马? 拿上的人因你停止开发2014 的版本非常无奈, 而且他们不像我,不懂中文。

6. hansa@qionghaigame是你新的电子邮件地址吗? 

7. 你们会开发英文版的2017游戏吗?你允许开发国际版本吗?


8. 我们在Battleship Craft wiki 上一直在辩论:你是什么年龄和性别?

9. 你是哪个城市的?




Email 4 - Hansa's Answers:

English Version:

Would anyone like to translate for me? I'm getting really tired translating.


Mandarin Version:

Raymo 你好




A1:根据《文化部关于规范网络游戏运营加强事中事后监管工作的通知》 (十一条)网络游戏运营企业应当要求网络游戏用户使用有效身份证件进行实名注册,并保存用户注册信息;不得为使用游客模式登陆的网络游戏用户提供游戏内充值或者消费服务。 所以我们会收集相关身份信息,这些信息将会保存在数据库中,用于时候文化部审查。


A2:我们的数据库是采用商业加密手段,且根据《文化部关于规范网络游戏运营加强事中事后监管工作的通知》 (十五)网络游戏运营企业要采取有效措施保护用户个人信息,防止用户个人信息泄露、损毁,未经授权不得将用户信息以任何方式向第三方企业或者个人提供。 我们有责任保护您的个人信息。

Q3:2014 年的工艺战舰还可使用吗? 如果可事, 登录游戏的密码是什么?



Q4:目前《工艺战舰:重聚》在我们的贴吧(一个internet forum)(中进行公测。所有人每天有1小时免费游戏时间并可以通过参与游戏内活动获得更多的免费游戏时间。

Q5:我有权利来把我们的邮件放到 Battleship Craft wiki 上马? 拿上的人因你停止开发2014 的版本非常无奈, 而且他们不像我,不懂中文。







Q8:我们在Battleship Craft wiki 上一直在辩论:你是什么年龄和性别?