Sovershennyi 2

The RFS Sovershennyi , a Typical Cargo -Hovercraft

What are Hovercraft

These are special ships, which uses air or water being pushed down keep itself up above water. The hovercraft is mainly used for transport due to its speed.


The HMS Rooke built to be a marine carrier she shows you don't need to comprimise between armour and speed


High Speed


torpedoes can't touch this

Low cost

Due to cost of building a fully armored to of a traditional hull, these could be a good alternative base for battleships or carriers. The high speed from not touching the water also makes this ship able to dodge torpedoes and other projectiles with ease.


Low Manuverability

Poor survivability

High speed

However, there are some cons to this fine sea vessel. Due to the high speed and lowered amount of rudder in the water it has a snapback, which often causes under steer, and sometimes causes capsizing with too many frequent hard turns. The hovercraft is also super dependant on its engines, meaning that as soon as the engines are dead so is the ship. High speed also can cause some landing problems when converted to a carrier.

Buiilding Materials

Without weapons, you need at least 27700 resources. It's very small


  • About 97 blocks of 400mm lightweight armor
  • 10 floats
  • 4 aircraft carrier boilers
  • About 10 fraction blocks of 400 mm lightweight armor


Make a slab of blocks that's 11 blocks long and 9 wide. Then make a line of blocks along the middle at the bottom from bow to stern. Remove blocks from the corners of the top and replace them with half blocks. Add four blocks in a square on the left and right sides of the go the tip like this.

  • Then put 2 1/6 fraction Blocks on each square
  • Then add a frame
  • and the body is done.
IMG 0470


IMG 0471
IMG 0474

propeller and engines

Engines and propellers

Behind each one sixth block add a propeller. two for the back and one for the front

  • Add the aircraft boilers to the empty spaces.
  • Add propellers, floats, and and three more blocks to the back
  • And now it's done