Definition (for those who don't know)

A boat whose hull is fitted underneath with vanes (foils) that lift the hull clear of the water to increase the boat's speed.

I found this video online on youtube.This is a great example of a hydrofoil:
Battleship Craft - hydrofoil JMSDF PG"1"Class

Battleship Craft - hydrofoil JMSDF PG"1"Class

This video is by a youtube member named bmubdog, this is not my work

Pro's and Con's


  • If built right, they are faster than normal.
  • They look cool.
  • Can dodge torpedoes better than a regular battleship.
  • They can be much more agile than normal vessels.


  • They can be difficult to engineer.
  • They can be challenging to pilot.
  • They can be unstable.
  • Mostly works with smaller ships (I never saw one on a bigger ship such as the Yamato)

Building a Hydrofoil: A tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to build a basic Hydrofoil, which you can then modify.

Note; Before I cut one layer off of the Hydrofoil for stability. Also, it is important to keep the lines smooth.

Step One

Buy the "skeleton" in the dock (free).

Step Two

Make a single outriger in the front. This should be angled backwards, and should be two cubes deep. It should be centered under the hull in the front, and two cubes wide. Then add the foil. It should extend out three blocks on each side, and should be smooth. It should be three cubes in legnth.

Step Three

Add two outriggers on the back. They should be placed on the side of the ship, so they stick out one cube from the hull. They should be two blocks deep form the bottom of the hull, like the first outrigger. The outrigger should be two blocks wide. Extend the foil out three cubes from the outrigger. It should be four cubes long, instead of three. Add four propellers and rudders in the positons shown.

Step Four

IMG 1883

Finished product!

Add weapons to the top! It is reccomended you keep the load light. If needed, you can always add Floats to the stern to make it less dense. It is reccomended you have at least four large boilers. Gas Turbine engines can always substitute them.

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