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USS Independence LCS-2.

Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), as their name implies (littoral from Latin litus meaning shore) are designed to operate in coastlines. They typically consist of moderate weaponry such as Mk45s and VLS or Harpoon missile systems, and light to nonexistent armor. Like most modern ships, they have the capacity to carry up to two helicopters. They can also carry special 'mission modules', that vary depending upon the mission, such as unmanned midget subs. Currently, the United States is the first nation to field these vessels. In GameCenter, they would rank as a Level 1 or 2 ship, and would mostly be available to a low level player in the in-game store.


Littoral Combat Ships are armed very similarly to corvettes. Their primary armament is typically a light-medium cannon or rifle such as the Mk 45 5 inch Gun. Other armament varies depending on which weapons are outfitted. Due to the modular nature of an LCS, they can be fitted for ASW, AAW and ASuW.

Roles and Usage

Littoral Combat Ships in real-life are used for asymmetrical conflict in littoral (ie. green-water) situations. However, since Battleship Craft is all blue-water, these ships function like missile corvettes. Due to their modular nature, they often function like a small destroyer or large frigate.

Mission Modules

Separate Mission Modules are added as needed according to mission. While a standard corvette could be modified in a similar fashion, an LCS was designed to be modular. Thus, these mission modules enable an LCS to assume the roles of corvette, frigate, missile boat or even destroyer.


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USS Freedom with it's 2013 camouflage scheme.

See Battle Tactics

First and foremost, each LCS should be designed for speed and maneuverability. In real life, LCSs can regularly exceed 30 knots and make rapid and abrupt changes in course. In fact, during testing, the captain of USS Independnce was able to demonstrate that the wake of these vessels could be used to sink small craft like dinghies during a harsh turn.

Play similarly to corvettes. Depending on mission outfitting, change your tactics. Keep in mind when playing as a missile boat, your larger size may hinder its ability to evade gunfire when it comes time to turn into a gunboat. Also note when outfitted as a destroyer, a conventional destroyer will mincemeat an LCS in direct battle, which the destroyer is more than capable of forcing. Like any small warship, use hit-and-run tactics whenever possible.

The Future

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This is the USS Constitution a yet non-existent but technologically feasible ship.

The future of these ships look bright. As missiles gain longer ranges and become more compact, the armament will be able to increase dramatically, and so will the range. Eventually, if helicopters are added to the game, they will have bigger ASW capabilities, and will have another weapon at the ready to attack larger warships.


  • The U.S. Navy is the only navy in the world to have Littoral Combat Ships. However, other navies are looking forward to purchasing some to replace increasingly obsolete Cold-War era frigates and corvettes.
  • Commonly abbreviated as LCS
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