The Mark 45 5 inch gun surely is a rather odd gun, having a tremendous (15.6) range 

U Boat;;

and an unmatched accuracy in a small space. But exactly how useful is this gun compared to other weapons?

Main advantages


  • Small size (2x1x1)
  • Rapid rate of fire (once/5seconds)
  • Range (15.6 km)
  • Accuracy (relatively flat trajectory, high projectile velocity)
  • Lightweight (21.7 tonnes)
  • Great for submarine deck guns

Main disadvantages

  • Low armour (10.0 MJ)
  • Low toughness (10.0 MJ)
  • Low power (1040.6 MJ)
  • Relatively high cost (50,000 resources)
  • Low firing angle

Personal experience and conclusion

The Mark 45 5 inch gun is a great weapon thanks to its high rate of fire, its impressive range (only outmatched by planes and the 46cm gun) and its superior accuracy. It is a versatile gun suited both for surface and airborne targets. Its range makes it a good choice for farming and grinding the pre-duel 8 levels (in later levels enemy vessels are too well armored for efficient use). This gun is very well suited for any lightly armored opponent, however, it lacks the raw power one would expect from such a costly gun, making it rather unsuited against heavily armored opponents. Overall, use this against light or merchant vessels and aircraft, and employ hit-and-run tactics against larger, more powerful opponents. 

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