The Shinano equipped with planes


Aircraft carrier

Horsepower and

64.3 kt @ 48935 HP

Shooting Range and

13.2 km @ 4467.0 MW

Toughness and Armor

495.2 GJ @ 332.9 MJ




84721 tons


295 x 70 x 40.8


32.8 km


(2) Propellers, (2) Rudders powered by (2?) Small Aircraft Carrier Engines


(8) 30.5 (old) guns; (8) 15 cm guns; (36) 25mm AA guns

The Shinano is an aircraft carrier which can be bought in the dock for 300,000 resources.

This is one of the two readily-available aircraft carriers in the dock, the other being the USS Enterprise CV-6. Its color is dark green. It has, along with Yamato, a yellow emblem on the front which used to be unique and couldn't be bought in the shipyard. It can now in Warship Craft and is called the Seal of Japan and is surprisingly costly (10000 gold) despite being a mere seal even though this does little to add to the ship's total cost.

Aircraft Carrier Lv2

The Shinano is the aircraft carrier in Aircraft Carrier Lv2. To see details on this level, click here.

Battleship craft Aircraft Carrier vs Aircraft Carrier

Battleship craft Aircraft Carrier vs Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier Lv2 gameplay


The Shinano, like the USS Enterprise CV-6, comes equipped with one plane. It has two 50m runways, 4 20m flight decks and 2 5m flight decks. Also,
Image Shinano 2

Shinano's Statistics

it has many (weak) guns, the best being the 30cm guns. It has a realistic flight control tower on its right side and landing signs behind the carrier decks.


The Shinano has reasonable speed (60 knots or so) and a decent armour rating, though it is not especially defensive. Its stability is surprisingly good (100+), and it has (when bought) a lot of space for extra tonnage.


Shinano (信濃), named after the ancient Shinano Province, was an aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II. Initially laid down as the third of the Yamato-class battleships, Shinano's partially complete hull was converted to an aircraft carrier in 1942 midway through construction. Over the next two years, the ship was heavily modified to act as a large support carrier, the largest aircraft carrier built up to that time.

I.J.N. Shinano underway during her Sea Trials in Tokyo Bay

Partially completed in November 1944, Shinano was to transfer from the Yokosuka Naval Shipyard to Kure Naval Base to complete her fitting out and transfer a load of 100 Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka rocket-propelled kamikaze aircraft. She was sunk en-route by the American submarine USS Archerfish 10 days after her commission by four torpedoes due to crew inexperience and serious design flaws. As of 2015, Shinano is the largest warship in history to be sunk by a submarine.