In light of the damage done to our beloved wikia by Blueman's Dog, I felt that the wikia could use about as much help as it could get. Therefore, I have created the first STATE OF THE WIKIA page. The purpose of this page is to highlight any errors/damages caused by trolls in order that they may be quickly repaired.

How this page shall work

Any member of the wikia who has run across a damaged/trolled article can come to this page and report it here. According to how bad the damage to the page is, the user wishing to file a report should put it under one of three categories: Major Damage, Moderate Damage, and Minor Damage. If you do not think a page is damaged, but you still have a valid concern, file the report under Miscellaneous Reports. Use your best judgement when picking a category. Once you have done so, file the damage report under the corresponding section in the following format:

TITLE OF REPORT (should include page name)

  1. User Name (just so we can contact you if we need additional details)
  2. Link to damaged page.
  3. Description of damages (Description of what the problem is. If the damage is restricted to one section of the article, please tell us where. Example: the whole page was erased and replaced with expletives)
  4. Any other information you think would be necessary to better repair the damage. NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR SUSPICIONS ABOUT WHO DAMAGED THE PAGE HERE. If you suspect one person specifically, message an admin in private. We don't need this page starting witch-hunts.
  5. Status of the report (there are three options, PENDING REPAIR, POSSIBLY FIXED, and FIXED. When you first file a report, put the status as PENDING REPAIR so that people know that it needs to be fixed).


Updates page report

  1. TheAlphatheOmega
  2. Updates page (
  3. Full content of page erased and replaced with a line of gibberish
  4. N/A
  1. User:Zandude
  2. How_to_become_stupid%3F
  3. All content erased and provided a "how to become stupid" redlink
  4. N/A
  5. Pending repair

Editing Guidelines

  • DocWeldin
  • The Editing Guidelines
  • Full content replaced with swear words.
  • Unable to undo changes, must repair from scratch
  • Repaired but please check - Tiroler Bracke


Ship Display page report

  1. TheAlphatheOmega
  2. Ship Display page(
  3. Various user descriptions ruined(like Yamato287's).
  4. Most of the users seem to not have been affected
  5. Possibly Fixed


Post minor damage reports here.


Post any reports that don't fit in with the rest of the categories here.

Acting on a report

If you see a report here that you feel you can repair, please tell us here. If you are indeed able to successfully repair a report, change the status of the report from PENDING REPAIR to POSSIBLY FIXED. If everyone agrees that the damage has been repaired, change the status to FIXED. Anyone can review a report that is PENDING REPAIR or POSSIBLY FIXED.