The Venturer-Class submarine is an attack submarine designed by the Pilotmario Naval Shipyard. Capable of 69.3 knots underwater, it was designed to be inexpensive, easy to use and the ability to maintain its top speed underwater. It was derived from the JMSDF SS Soryu.


This vessel was designed as an improvement to the JMSDF SS Soryu. Many features, such as the conning tower design, general hull shape and a slightly-modified tail were borrowed. The distinguishing feature of the submarine is the long fairings on the sides of the hull as well as the "logs" on top of the fairings. This was to provide extra buoyancy so the vessel may be able to function properly.


The vessel can be armed with up to six Underwater Torpedo Tubes, though it would be unnecessary to mount them in order for the vessel to be operational. Two take up the top positions, where the other four are fitted in the fairings. Two of the fairing-mounted torpedoes can either be made to fire forwards or offset to the side. This is a vast improvement in firepower compared to the JMSDF SS Soryu's two torpedoes. An Mk. 45 5 inch Gun is mounted to engage crippled, vastly inferior or AFK opponents.



The vessel itself is very inexpensive. In fact, it is about 30,000 resource minus the torpedo tubes. Most of the cost is within the five Angled Boilers inside the ship, the rest devoted to the "logs" on the side of the ship and the three Depth Gauges.


  • Dark Red- Heavy Ballast
  • Red- Ballast or 1/2 Ballast
  • White- Hull block (ie. 1/6, 5/6, 1/2 or 1/3 block)
  • Orange- Torpedo Tube location
  • Gray- 400mm Armor (NOT Lightweight)


Layer 1

First, lay down the required pieces in the demonstrated pattern.