An example of a super warship

Super Warships are typically massive, heavily armored and powerful warships usually found only at the VIP level. They are characterized by their insane firepower, toughness and armor, which is sometimes more than a novice naval fleet. Owing to their firepower and armor, it is difficult to defeat a super-warship with anything outside of other super-warships and submarines.

Due to the enormous costs involved in the creation of super-warships, only hackers and extreme grinders will typically make them; as such, they form a very small fraction of ships present in online battles.


Super-warships almost always have 46cm guns, since they are the most powerful guns in the game. They also almost always have Mk45 5in Guns for both AAA duties as well as anti-ship duties. They also have supporting weapons, usually high-powered 4x5 or 6x2 cannons, and rare metal weapons. Many will also accomodate large aircraft fleets of various types. AAA and ASW weapons are usually be carried.

Role and Usage

Super-warships are the rulers of the seas. They crush most ships in their path, and are only stopped by either other super-warships or very powerful submarines. Due to their relatively large size, a variety of weapons are able to be quickly fitted onto them. Their role is to bring pain quickly, and either dodge or take that same amount of pain. Super-warships commonly have aircraft to assist them with their needs, such as anti aircraft duties, bombing, splashing the water with bombs for distraction, etc.


See Battle Tactics

Usually, they will utilize battleship tactics due to the heavy armor and massive weapons. As such, battleship-carrier hybrid tactics are almost always employed. Anti-submarine warfare is also the same.


As the game goes on, so do the super warships. Even though battleships and aircraft carriers get new weapons,super warships can and will do the same. New weaponry is easily put on the super-warship, and so are planes. As time goes on and things such as helicopters, flares, and radar jammers are released, those new weapons will immediately be put on the super-warship. The future for these beasts is not bleak, and will not be anytime soon.