The U-boat sailing at maximum surface speed.

The U-Boat is one of two Submarines purchasable in dock, the other one being the JMSDF SS Soryu.


The U-Boat was the predominate design of submarines used in the first half of the 20th century. The "U" stands for underwater as they were really surface ships designed to go underwater for short periods of time. Prequisite U-boats (Under Water Boat), were used in World War One by the Werchmact Empire. They proved to be slow 'sitting ducks' for enemy ships, however, after the War, the U-boat was modified to have better performance and outcome during battle. They were used to great extent by Imperial and Nazi Germany during the World Wars. They were powered by a diesel engine on the surface and an electric whilst underwater. The electric would run out after a few hours so it would be forced to surface while it charged. Early in WWII, the Kriegsmarine developed a "snorkel" that would allow the use of the diesel engine at periscope depth. The U-Boat design was phased out in the 1950s in favor of more hydrodynamic hull designs. Today, only four U-Boats still exist as museums: U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois, U-995 in Laboe, Germany, U-2540 in Bremerhaven, Germany, and U-534 in Birkenhead, England. Three partially scrapped U-Boats are still existing in Hamburg, Germany.

Map of the locations of all surviving U-Boats (they are the dots) [excluding the three abandoned subs]. (KEY: Red=U-505 in Chicago, Illinois; Blue=U-534 in Birkenhead, England; Purple=U-995 in Laboe, Germany; Orange=U-2540 in Bremerhaven, Germany).

In Game

The U-Boat is available for purchase from the Dock for 420,000 resource. It is armed with four underwater torpedo tubes and two 76mm RFGs, one facing forward, the other aft. It's power comes from three internal angle boilers. Underwater, its top speed is about 58 knots. Like most submarines, most of its armor is sacrificed for ballast.

Depth Control


The U-Boat at cruising depth.

  • 4/4 (Maximum Speed) - Quick crash dive towards bottom.
  • 3/4 (Full Speed) - A safe but laggy dive towards bottom.
  • 2/4 (Half Speed) - Slow dive to a medium depth.
  • 1/4 (Dead Slow) - Surface crusing.
  • No throttle - Not a recommended action in a middle of a battle.

Creating a U-Boat

Using this video, one can create their own replica of the in-game U-Boat: The only difference between this U-Boat and the actual U-Boat is the depth gauge, the actual version uses a special version seemingly using floats, but is still called "Depth Gauge" and is in fact invisible to your opponent; It also has a different color scheme.