The Iowa is a Iowa-class battleship built by Mk-Karmann. 


The Iowa's statistics.

Currently avaliable in the store, It is the longest ship purchasable, and is armed with 3x 46cm guns making her a deadly foe. She is one of the few purchasable ships with the 46cm guns and recon plane. She costs 540,000 coins in the ship store, though her actual value is slightly over 700,000.

USS Iowa Demonstration(Demo)

The Iowa sailing showingthe weapons along the side.Note:This is WWII Iowa,not op desert storm or Korean war refit


The Iowas were modernized over time, allowing for the ships to prove useful for almost 50 years. During the 1950's, the US Navy produced in limited numbers nuclear shells for the massive 16 inch (40.6 cm) guns. Under US President Ronald Reagan's 600 ship navy program, the four ships,  IowaNew Jersey, Missouri and Wisconsin, were reactivated and modernized with modern radars, targeting computers, 8 Quad-Tomahawk launchers, 4 Quad-Harpoon launchers, and 4 Phalanx CIWS. Two Iowas, Illinois and Kentucky, were ordered during the final months of WWII, but were scrapped after plans to convert them into Essex-class aircraft carriers failed.


To defeat the Iowa one must just sail straight at it and attack the side of the mast. This almost always will capsize a "big mast" battleship. If using the Iowa, just use the "terminator" tactic and crush the opposing warship.

Museum locations of the Iowa and her sister ships. (KEY: Orange=Iowa in San Pedro, Calif.; Blue=New Jersey in Camden, New Jersey; Red=Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Green=Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia)


USS Iowa in real life, departing San Francisco after her conversion into a museum ship in 2012. She was in the US Mothball fleet for 16 years.