Hi guys, I have decided to adopt the wiki, are you all fine with it. I promise to help improve the wiki and continue to edit it, I will also definitely grant admin privilages to thoose worthy of it. I hope you all will support me.


Hi guys, I have read all the comments below and will try to do my best to clariffy and answer them.

1.General comments

Being an admin basically just allows you to delete,move pages,ban spammers.protect pages etc.

I promise that if I do become admin, I will listen the community. If the majority of the community ask me to do something, I will do it.

Yamato, on the account he is using to edit this wiki, has only make 1 edit onto the other wiki. However, that is hardly relevent. I respect yamato and I would be happy to let him be admin if he chooses to. Yamato, if you want to be admin, just drop me a message, I will let you be one! However, yamato has stated that he does not want to be the admin.

If you have noticed, there has been a huge amount of new contributors, as this wiki gets more popular, more spammers will come, we have already been spammed once (to my knowledge) but luckily, that spammer left after we revstored the pages. I hope all of you can see the importance of having an admin.

I do believe that using clear, simple, easy to understand and appropriate language is important to ensure that everyone can understand and benefit from this wiki. I also believe that language such as 'LOL" and 'I broke the SPEED LIMIT' should not be aceepted in a page itself(not including comments etc). I also feel that the wiki should be kept neat and navigatable (not giant patch of pictures everywhere).

2.In depth comments of points raised

This IS SPAM! If u make a blog, actually put something in it.

This was refering to my previous blog post.The reason why it was there is because I could not edit out the title, I have erased the cont as it was no long relavent, needed or helpful and i was the author so I should reserve the right to erased it.For your information, It turned out to be a misunderstanding when a ban targeting a spammer indirectly affected me.

Mmm. I like your large vocabulary, R-bub. I think that's what got Yamato so confused.

This is just mean.Period.

Also, please make your own poll, instead of using yamato's poll as a template.

I made both polls, and in addition, the poll was no longer relevent.

Please tell me if You would like to ask anything else in the comments section.I hope you got a better understanding of the situation now.As a final note thank you all for your comments and thank you R-bub for your support.I appreciate it.